Laser Marking Service

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Welcome to the BC System Laser, we offer a comprehensive laser engraving and laser marking services. At BC System we pride ourselves on our quality and our rapid turn around times. We are a London based operation and use state of the art RMI Nd:Yag laser which allow us to utilise laser engraving on almost any material:

• Stainless Steel • Steel • Gold • Silver • Aluminium (Cast, Anodized, Polished) • Carbide • Nickel • Titanium • Cast Iron • Chrome • Painted Metal Alloys • Multi-Coated Metals • Plastics • Backlit Buttons • Polycarbonate • Polypropylene • PVC • Rubber • Composites • And Many More ...
So what is laser marking and laser engraving?
Unlike conventional engravers we use an intense beam of light instead of a rotating or vibrating tool, this beam can either vaporise a small area of the surface ( laser engraving ) or cause a change in the colour of the surface of the material ( laser marking ) this beam is controlled by a computer at very high speeds and accuracy to give outstanding quality at a very cost effective price.
Laser Marking Services
Because no inks are used the laser marking services are both permanent and the process is kind to the environment. Laser Marking Services can be used for many thousands of applications from computer keyboards to one off special promotional gifts and cutleries. With advanced software we can laser engrave practically anything from Bar Codes & 2D codes to photographs and company logos.
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Offer for Restaurants, Bars and Hotels.
We can engrave your company logo onto cutlery, bottle openers and various other items of your choice. For your convenience, the process can be done at your restaurant or alternatively we can engrave your items at our company. We are able to engrave from 1-5000 pieces in a very short time, approximately 500 pieces a day. Please visit our gallery.
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Phone:  020 7473 1821 or 07932 59 0123